Missions and Outreach

WPC Mission Team Report

Submitted by:  Carol Silsby

              Meeting Date July 22, 2015.  After meeting with Pastor Dr. Vaughan Smith, I contacted each member of the team, asking that they indicate the top five ministries on Walhalla Presbyterian Church’s financial report that they feel our church family should continue to support.   Knowing that over twenty units are listed, I asked that members consider each one, taking time to pray for God’s direction.

The responses received showed these top five:

1-Oconee Presbyterian Service Fund
2-WPC’s Youth Outreach
3-Our Daily Rest (homeless shelter)
4-Foothills Pregnancy Center
5-Outreach Foundation

The first four ministries reflect local concerns.  Outreach Foundation reflects this church’s historic interest in international missions.  The Foundation reaches out to missions such as Xpujil, and Zambia Crisis Nurseries as well as those in China, India, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.

In discussing the budget for missions, Vaughan told us that he looks at the situation our church is in as much like being in college—a temporary period of leaness which will allow for greater opportunities in the future.   Often, we must cut back on things we have done in the past while we seek to finish a task. Once that goal is reached, we can return to the former way of doing things.  Right now, we must meet financial responsibilities incurred in the rebuild of the church, and some items in our budget must be reduced.  Of course, our hope is that many will continue to support ministries as individuals, if possible.  One of our team members wrote, “I would like to request that if we have money left over after our payment to Blue Ridge Bank each month for our rebuilding,  I’d like to continue to support the following…”

The team decided to recommend that, as a church, we designate 10% of offerings to missions after the bank payment is made each month.  This goal is in line with earlier ones for WPC. If there are questions, please contact our team members:

Lamar Bailes
John Bickford
Don Neal
Don and Sylvia Rumer
Harry and Carol Silsby
Hilda Wilson

Vaughan called our missions meeting a cause for celebration because it was clear that through their individual prayers, God had brought the team members into agreement about the 5 ministries we will support.  Thanks be to God!


Walhalla Presbyterian Church